Perception of Characteristics

Reflections. Leafs on trees like water on sea mirror, reflect light, moved by wind reflections get their own life. Fascinated by that i started making jewellery. The movements of human body confers live to reflections of my jewelkery pieces, in a game of lights, shadows, and reflections. Different materials in my pieces like silver, paper, or Plexiglas, give different feelings, on touch and on eye, due to different characters of material and how those interact with light. My jewellery is made to be seen, by people surrounding the wearer, as also to be worn by the wearer. Different materials and textures confer different feelings. Cold, warm, soft, hard, smooth, rough. It is all about a game of senses, of perception. From ourself and from those surrounding us.

Jewellery is about perceptions. How does we feel wearing it? Which message does we comunicate with? Does everyone perceive the same looking at? Even with the same piece we can have such a huge range of different perceptions.

Doesn‘t matter what is your style, and what you like to wear, the important thing is wearing what you love, what you feel confortable with. Wear that piece you want to wear. Exactly that piece is that making you unique and worth, enphasising yourself and your own values. Beeing just yourself is the best you can do, cause people allways perceive you on their own way.

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