Take Care of Yourself

Now, in the time we live, we are always into rush. We have to do so many things, beeing everywhere at any time. We have to hurry to be on time for everything we do. Everything is going so fast that I forget to take the time for myself. I need to care for myself.

I love to meditate, getting my brain free helps me to look at things in a more focused way. Meditation sessions are so important for me also to focus on my imagination to create new things. Create good new designs, fresh designs for my jewellery.

Even taking care of my body helps me a lot. I like to wear a nice piece, like my favourite pants or my favourite shirt, and the most important thing is that I do it for myself and no one else. Adding a particular accessory gives me also a touch more. A touch of joy, of feeling sure of myself. Or feeling attractive for someone special for me.

Also buying something new gives me a good sensation. But its not just something, it has to be that think I’ve looked for, for a really long time. That piece I’ve reaserched for, because I don’t want just one, but a certain kind of it, and I hade to move a lot of things to find that one I wanted.

Anyone takes care of hisself in his own way, there isn’t a correct and a wrong way to do it. What I think is important, is just doing something for yourself. Even if it is just a cup of tea.

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