Caring Silver Jewelry

I personally really love silver jewelry. On my path I met a lot of people asking me about silver jewelry turning black.

I‘ve chosen to make my jewelry out of silver 925, and not treat the surface with coatings, galvanic treatments or other tecniques giving the eternal shining we are used to see today. These tecniques give to jewelry a second skin from other metals, often alloys containing metals which are going to oxidize less and at the same time a clearer and more shiny color in case of silver. I like the color of silver better cause it is more intense and deeper.

The advantage of untreated silver jewelry is that you can use it a life long and it is not going to change in color why there is not a layer going to wipe of with the time. You can clean your jewellery as many time as you want by yourself, and if you think it is time for it you can bring it to any jeweler for a professional cleaning.

For a fast regular cleaning of your silver jewelry I advice you to use silver cleaning towels. Those are dry towels imbued with silver clean and care products. For deeper cleaning i suggest to use a toothbrush and common gentle soap. These two ways to clean your jewelry is safe for any kind of untreated metal jewelry, with or without stones.

Some people love to use ultrasonic cleaning to clean their jewelry. This is a wonderful way to get your jewelry clean, perfect if it is made from metal only. You have to be careful if you want to clean stone jewelry. It can damage porous stones, and loose settings from any kind of stones through vibrations.

Last tip is if you keep your jewelery clean and care for it regularly you don‘t need to go for cleaning trhough aggressive practices.

Perception of Characteristics

Reflections. Leafs on trees like water on sea mirror, reflect light, moved by wind reflections get their own life. Fascinated by that i started making jewellery. The movements of human body confers live to reflections of my jewelkery pieces, in a game of lights, shadows, and reflections. Different materials in my pieces like silver, paper, or Plexiglas, give different feelings, on touch and on eye, due to different characters of material and how those interact with light. My jewellery is made to be seen, by people surrounding the wearer, as also to be worn by the wearer. Different materials and textures confer different feelings. Cold, warm, soft, hard, smooth, rough. It is all about a game of senses, of perception. From ourself and from those surrounding us.

Jewellery is about perceptions. How does we feel wearing it? Which message does we comunicate with? Does everyone perceive the same looking at? Even with the same piece we can have such a huge range of different perceptions.

Doesn‘t matter what is your style, and what you like to wear, the important thing is wearing what you love, what you feel confortable with. Wear that piece you want to wear. Exactly that piece is that making you unique and worth, enphasising yourself and your own values. Beeing just yourself is the best you can do, cause people allways perceive you on their own way.